Sometimes it’s just not worth it

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Today I learned that sometimes it’s just not worth it. Actually it’s nothing new. Social media is interesting.. it brings with it so many facets.. good and bad. I, like anyone else try to engage with twitterers.. and in general even while reading what happens around me in the twitterverse it appears that tweeting something harsh or replying to a tweet in disagreement is what most often gets a response from the other end and sometimes quickly. Case in point today. I read a tweet that pointed to an article on ‘CurrentC’ and why this app is trying to snatch personal data ( ) after reading it I replied to said tweet; ‘and Apple doesn’t ? ‘. I also commented that it’s humorous that words like ‘vested self interest ‘ were used. To no surprise i got a reply and in my reply I jokingly mention ‘so it takes this kind of tweet to get u to engage?…’ to which I was told my comment was strange.. I guess the ‘lol’ wasn’t clue enough I was trying to make a funny. Clearly I failed.
There’s no question that security in whatever form it takes is paramount. I definitely didn’t want to make light of that.. the deal here is that I couldn’t help but think ‘pot calling kettle black’ after reading the article. So Apple got its feelings hurt because some retailers don’t want to play nice with them and so now it retaliates.. security this, security that… Apple has had missteps in that department as well recently, no? Apple however chose to play it down because well they’re #Apple. Pictures were leaked; big deal. It wasn’t so much about a breach as it was the end users fault, ya.. that’s it and they’ll stick to that. And I do think that ‘vested self interest ‘ and #Apple go hand in hand. Hello?
So all this to say that I decided not to continue on with this twitter conversation as I know that it will be an exercise in futility.

PS: I am a damn funny guy btw. I thought using lols and 😉 are dead giveaways that what u wrote is meant in jest. I guess not.

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