Oh Kanye, please go away.

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If only it were that easy!!! Over the years.. as I age.. I have come to understand the importance of tolerance and acceptance. To say I am 100% in both areas, no. However, I have gotten a hell of a lot better. But this guy Kanye, this guy makes it so hard. So. Hard. I have no idea why he bothers me but he does. He really grinds my gears.. I know Peter Griffin would understand. When he interrupted Taylor Swift way back when it was so incredibly rude and all because he’s an attention whore. It’s all about him.. Nothing really to do with Beyoncé. This year when he was doing his thing at the Grammys all I could think was ‘come on Taylor, crash his performance. Come on.. go on stage and do a tap dance bit… throw him off his game!!’. That would be poetic justice. Honestly that would have been awesome. It didn’t happen. I was disappointed. He then of course had to do the ‘Beck’ thing. Of course he did. He then tried to explain himself.. and today he was on Seacrest trying to further explain himself. Just stop talking Kanye. Just, stop. The issue with listening to him talk, especially when he refers to himself in the 3rd person is that once u hear it, you just can’t un-hear it.

This guy knows what he’s talking about.