Some people, I swear!!!

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Ok, so yesterday I got a notification from wordpress to moderate a comment left by someone. The comment was left on my ‘About’ page because I somehow neglected to disable “comments” as I do for my posts. An interesting comment… anyway, let’s clarify a few things.. this blog is a personal blog not a ‘super bowl’ blog. Does the title AND subtitle of my blog not give it away? I added a POST about super bowl 49 where I offered up my opinion. There’s a difference numbnut. Most if not all I post is about my interests and will also include posts where I offer my opinion. Regardless if a blog is personal or professional in most cases any post written will have some opinion in one form or another from the author who wrote the article.

Sooo to the numbnut that questioned my ‘super bowl blog’ and whether I had anything intelligent to write or just spewing my opinion… My posts are intelligent and include MY opinions. A right I have.
It is my opinion that you sir (and I use that term loosely) are a numbnut.