Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: ‘professional child men’, football edition.

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Before I get into my rant I will mention that there are always two sides to every story. All of my posts are opinion pieces. This one is no different.
This season the steelers had some drama to contend with. They started the season with one distraction and ended with another. Le’veon Bell held out at the beginning of the season and in the end failed to report on time and therefore was no longer eligible to play. Antonio Brown was benched for the final game of the season for some altercation during a practice. It’s not the first time he’s created drama as well.
As it the case with everyone on this planet, we must take care of our own well being. Both Bell and Brown are doing that. They feel they’ve been wronged and they chose not to accept that. Fine. Here’s my beef though, do you have to be babies about it? Literally man children and quite honestly I blame social media especially twitter for giving these pros a platform to be man children. Bell on many occasions used twitter to imply (whether through emojis, cryptic tweets or stupid one liners) that he was coming back while going completely dark on his teammates. In the end he did not. He messed with people’s emotions and that’s not cool. And please let’s not argue that it wasn’t premeditated. It was. On a side note yet somewhat related, I was unfortunate enough to draft Bell in my fantasy football league this year but thanks to my shrewd managerial skills I won the championship in spite of that so screw youuuu Le’veon Bell!!! No resentment here at all 😋. Brown also decided to take a page out of Bell’s PlayBook and hopped onto twitter to put out these cryptic tweets that just do nothing but show the level of immaturity of some of these professional players. Steelers TE Jesse James said it best, the steelers were worse than the Kardashians this year. On the news for all the wrong reasons.

The sad thing is that both these players have been problematic in the past and you would think no team would want to touch them. That assumption would be wrong. There are teams willing to take that chance.

PS: I am not a steelers fan.

Some people, I swear!!!

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Ok, so yesterday I got a notification from wordpress to moderate a comment left by someone. The comment was left on my ‘About’ page because I somehow neglected to disable “comments” as I do for my posts. An interesting comment… anyway, let’s clarify a few things.. this blog is a personal blog not a ‘super bowl’ blog. Does the title AND subtitle of my blog not give it away? I added a POST about super bowl 49 where I offered up my opinion. There’s a difference numbnut. Most if not all I post is about my interests and will also include posts where I offer my opinion. Regardless if a blog is personal or professional in most cases any post written will have some opinion in one form or another from the author who wrote the article.

Sooo to the numbnut that questioned my ‘super bowl blog’ and whether I had anything intelligent to write or just spewing my opinion… My posts are intelligent and include MY opinions. A right I have.
It is my opinion that you sir (and I use that term loosely) are a numbnut.