Brault & Martineau: Never Again

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@BM_Promotions has lost a customer in us… not that they give a shit anyway.. Last week we bought mattresses for the entire family and the delivery day was supposed to be last Friday. Bright and early Friday morning we took all the mattresses and prepped them in the plastic bags they provided. The delivery never happened. Apparently they called my wife’s cell and noone picked up or returned their call. Right. The old ‘we called but noone answered’ excuse. We got no call. That excuse is getting pretty old. Anyway the delivery happened today.. one week later and the delivery guy said we needed to pay an extra 50$ because this was considered a re-delivery… uhhhh say whatttttttt??? A re-delivery? How is that since there was never an original delivery to begin with? Anyway needless to say my wife went ballistic.. lol… I shouldn’t laugh but it was pretty entertaining… At one point she was on the phone with both parties at the same time… hilarious stuff. I’ve said it before we need a reality show.. my wife would kill it!
Anyway humor aside the fact is that customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird in many areas of our day to day… when my wife got on the phone with the store manager (speaker phone for my benefit) u could actually hear the disinterest in the man’s voice. They don’t care. They just want your money. Well not anymore. Not from us that’s for sure.
I won’t lie though I am looking forward to trying out the new mattress tonight although it looks like we will need a step ladder to help us get on the bed now.. lol.. we got us some pretty tall mattresses !