Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Case of the flip-flops and not the kind you wear.

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When you are heavily invested in something or someone it is very difficult to be completely objective.. it’s only normal. Being a @BlackBerry enthusiast I am no different. I love what @BlackBerry 10 offers but there are times when I wish that it did and offered things that it currently doesn’t. I am not oblivious to that. Outside of @BlackBerry I have not had first hand experience with any other mobile OS… atleast extensively. A lot of times we form opinions based on hearsay or 3rd hand information… and I am certainly guilty of that as well. Having written that and not having had extensive hands on with iphones I can still say without any hesitation that my hatred for #Apple runs deep. Well ‘hatred’ is a harsh word. But ya, hatred. It really has nothing to do with their products but more with what they do and who they are as a corporation. In my opinion they’re just bullies… force stuff down your throat as how things should be and when things go wrong (and there’s been plenty) make no mistake it is always the consumers fault.. or the classic spin they put on everything and just sweep stuff under the rug. No doubt having the cash flow allows them that luxury.

Olivia Munn has a great perspective on Apple.. her answer to the second question is spot on..

So where am I going with this? I’m not sure yet. Lol. As with other areas of my life I believe in loyalty. And from recent personal experience I can tell you that loyalty to some means shit! Loyalty is why I continue to support @BlackBerry, not only because it’s a Canadian company but also because I like what they stand for and last but not least their phones have always been impeccable in design. I am a visual guy. U need to grab my attention that way. Sounds shallow but c’est la vie. As for the BB10 operating system? An amazing, smooth, multitasking, get things done quickly operating system almost noone in the world knows about. A tragedy. When the iPhone first came out, innovation wise, no denying it was a wow!!! But hardware? Ugly and boring as hell… over the years no doubt the look of the iPhone has improved with great strides and dare I say it, a good looking phone…but innovation? What’s that? It’s like #Apple can’t handle both at the same time. It’s so bad that after the recent iphone SE announcement the iphonians and ifanboys are left being excited about the apple band!!! The band!!! Lol. Seriously.
When it comes to having an open mind I try my best to be as open as possible… I don’t always succeed.. have there been times when I re-tweet an article that is anti apple? Of course. Do I get passionate about things I hear that are hypocritical on any side of the OS spectrum? Sure I do. Hypocrisy hit home recently and hard… Does all of the hypocrisy that comes out of #Apple rile me up? Yes it does. Do I lose sleep over it? No I don’t.. am I someone who flip flops like a fish out of water on things? No i’m not. I’m not perfect by any stretch but I try to have convictions. This brings me finally to my point. Through @BlackBerry and its community I have met a significant amount of people through various @BBM groups and @BBM chats. One such character was a huge and I mean huge @BlackBerry advocate and up until very recently would bash #Apple like it was going out of style. From group discussions, to private, to @twitter.. it went on and on and on. Recently things changed; for one his wife works at apple, has for many years but given he owns a business he found himself in a situation where all his vendors transitioned to using iOS only built apps (which is disturbing to say the least) so that ruled out BlackBerry 10 (since it can run android apps). Interestingly enough as he’s been using the iPhone for some time now his tune has changed. He certainly still promotes BlackBerry but not necessarily with that passion he once had but at the same time what has changed is his attitude towards #Apple, to the point that if someone else shits on #Apple he takes offense. Remember this is the guy that was shitting on them not too long ago and would join in on the shitfest when others started the ‘shit on #Apple’ party. Don’t get me wrong, there is no place for shitting on anyone or anything. I try to be objective when I have discussions re apple and android for that matter and the only place I take a dump in is the toilet but stuff like this gets me and it doesn’t go unnoticed. So what’s changed now? Apple hasn’t changed its ways and how it operates and he couldn’t digest that stuff before and now all of a sudden? I don’t get it. Anyway, we’re all entitled to change our minds and attitude towards things. It’s our right. But he should keep in mind that what goes on the Internet stays there forevah!!! Hope he atleast went back to his old tweets and cleaned house.
Maybe down the road that will happen with me; you know, sporting an iphone. Haha. I kid. That will never happen… i’ve said it before if @BlackBerry (God forbid) goes the way of the dodo bird I will begrudgingly go #Android if there isn’t any other option. #Android isn’t any better but they annoy me less. I guess.

I used the word ‘shit’ or a variation quite a bit in this post. Oh well, shit happens! 😉

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