What’s In A Name…

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A colleague of mine just recently decided that he wanted to create a blog. He is an avid photographer (and a good one at that) who spends most weekends bird watching and snapping some great pictures. There was a period a few months back where i was toying with the idea of joining him on his treks…i, all of a sudden (and to my dismay) found myself with alot more time on my hands. However, after some thought i realized that although i do like birds (have 10 of my own) i didn’t like them that much! Atleast not enough to wake up early morning on weekends to go take some pictures. I think i will start slow.. start with taking pictures of my birds, in the comfort of my own home.

My colleague called his blog “Calvin’s Ramblings” which got me thinking about my blog title;”Capparelli Family: A whole lot of us, with a sprinkle of this and that“. I spent some time looking over the posts i added over the years (i won’t pretend to say i went all the way back to 2011) and i realized that the blog is more “A whole lot of this and that and a sprinkle of us” instead. In essence, it really is about my ramblings… kinda…So i thought “time for a change”. Of course being the person i am, i didn’t want to steal someone else’s thunder so i will leave it to Calvin to continue to ramble on. At first i wanted to go with “Things that make me go hmm…” (I seem to be on a C+C Music Factory state of mind as of late). However, i soon realized that i would feel too much pressure to constantly look for things that make me go hmm.. i mean, who needs that kind of pressure.I then thought of paying homage to Peter Griffin and calling my blog “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears” but here again the pressure of always finding things that irk me. And do i really want to be a constant Debbie Downer? Then i thought “Scatter Brain” because god knows i have one and over the years i have had plenty of brain farts..of course “Brain Farts” was an option too.. 🙂

In the end, i chose what i chose because it was simple, nothing fancy yet pretty accurate…and whose to say i won’t change it in the future 🙂

No worries though.. from time to time i will post on things that make me go hmm and things that grind my gears.



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