@MediaFire @BlackBerry 10 App: Sorriest Attempt Ever

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I don’t ever remember downloading a @BlackBerry app that was dysfunctional until I came across this app…

I first downloaded it on my #Classic and it didn’t work from day one. You try to upload anything and this is what u get:

Just spins and spins and spins until u just have to close the app…I tried to reach out to their support and after weeks of waiting they sent an email that a fix was on the way… the update eventually happened and this…

Does it look familiar?

Of course I didn’t expect anything different on my #Passport but I went ahead and installed it… and tried to upload a file… and… Wait for it…

Serenity now.

Shame on you @MediaFire.. I can’t understand how some reviewers are claiming it works.

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