@BlackBerry 10: My #Android App Library

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One of the many great things about @BlackBerry 10 is that it also allows you to run #Android apps. How great and impressive is that ! Typically I only download an android app if there isn’t an equivalent native app.. with the exception of twitter and instagram which offer features the native BlackBerry 10 apps don’t… yet.

You will notice from the screen grab above that I do in fact also have #Google Playstore installed. That’s right… this is thanks to the BlackBerry community of devs that help out when it’s needed… so a shout out to BlackBerry Exclusive for this great post that helped walk me through the steps of installing these apps.

The BlackBerry App Gap

Outside of the two android apps I mentioned in my post https://capparelli.ca/2016/04/03/most-used-apps/ that I use regularly, the others are used when needed. I just recently started to use @SnapChat. I have this love/hate relationship with it. I love to hate it but it pulls me in all the time. The other app that is interesting/intriguing is Stre.am… I was toying with the idea of using it for streaming some of our soccer team’s activity over the summer. However, what I have noticed from using it a few times is that it pushes the boundaries of voyeurism… it’s almost borderline inappropriate at times.. you get the impression there are a lot of people that need validation of sorts. In the end it may not be the right solution for what I am looking for.

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