Speaking of Rants…

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A few years back I was actually the recipient of a FB rant. You see, I had the audacity of calling out a player for being unsportsmanlike so his father took to FB and went on this rant. Obviously he didn’t name names but it was directed at me. Having been this kids coach for a couple years I didn’t see, at the time, an issue with calling out his actions or lack thereof. We had this younger player come out and help the team. In the 3 games he played for us he scored three goals. Our team suffered in that department and he helped. The right thing to do when a teammate scores is to go over and congratulate him. Everyone did but this player. Repeatedly. Parents took notice. I called him out. It’s a team sport, right? And maybe there was envy on his part because he wasn’t scoring for the team and here comes this younger player and he scores 3x in 3 games; who knows.
In retrospect maybe my approach was wrong but there is a principle here. When is a person old enough to understand right from wrong? To be accountable ? Is 14 not old enough?
Anyway – I took the rant in stride and did not get caught up in it. I could have easily responded. Chose not to. This guy craves attention. The fact is that this man, this parent, is the biggest hypocrite. He’s also what I refer to as a FBFF (faux best friend forever). This man criticized and shat on players time in and time out. Not only did he have terrible things to say directly to me about other kids but constantly over the years on the sideline was overheard criticizing players. You see, he’s from the school of thought that if the kid doesn’t know about or hear the criticism it’s Ok. Uh, sure. Whatever you say there buddy. This is a person who should be the last to be preaching to others. He’s someone that is in dire need of a good mirror.

Me thinks this post is a rant!! Lol. That. Is. All.

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