Dear -fill in the blank-, do better.

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Ok, so when I first drafted this post I called out the organization in question but then I felt guilty because of what they represent and do.. I also realized these practices are not exclusive to them… so here’s my rant to the anonymous entity….

Dear <fill in the blank>,
If you want people to jump on the money train you need to be better.

– when you call, leave a message. Not leaving one comes across as shady.. Especially when you call 5-6x per day. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize but eventually I had to answer because I was losing my shit
– I know there are pressures for reps to get contributions but allow for compromise.
– also allow someone to actually complete a sentence… you know that expression… ‘did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?’

Many moons ago my wife made monthly contributions to your organization.
My wife, and only she and God know the answer, used my personal information but her email address..so I did not know about this until now because she stopped contributing a few years back.

– I was willing to conference my wife in on the call so we could get this sorted out. No.

– I was willing to have my wife call back to change up the personal information. No.

The answer to everything was ‘we’re not allowed to.’

Ok then.

Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: Don’s Cherry Popped

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The end of an era. Whatever it may have been. Growing up I was hooked on hockey and the Montreal Canadians… I definitely watched my share of Don Cherry and his rants. My interest in hockey has waned over the years so I can honestly say that what comes next is my opinion based on what I remember and what I have read so take it as you want.
Don Cherry is old school. The guy’s MO has mainly been rants. He rants about everything. I truly believe that Ron has tuned out many a times over the years. The fact is that even when I was watching hockey religiously and listened to Don I never put a lot of weight in anything he said. Having said that, his latest rant is nothing new… history can attest to that. Case in point, his issues with European or Quebec hockey players is not just about their hockey style. It’s rooted in racism. And in the end nothing good ever comes after speaking the words ‘you people’. Nothing. Even Jimmy Hoffa felt the wrath after uttering those words against an Italian. 😋 (insert the Irishman plug here). And in an effort to have his say, Don agreed to an interview with none other than Tucker Carlson probably one of the most vile and racist people on the planet.
I’m not sure he’s ever apologized for anything. He certainly didn’t for this. He’s an old timer. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Of course, it doesn’t make it right and ultimately he paid the price. And the price was right. It was time for him to go. Why it didn’t happen years ago? Timing, I think. We are currently living in a world where ‘cancel culture’ is firing on all cylinders. Everyone out there wanting to cancel anyone and everyone. In some cases it’s uncalled for but in this case it was warranted.

Speaking of Rants…

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A few years back I was actually the recipient of a FB rant. You see, I had the audacity of calling out a player for being unsportsmanlike so his father took to FB and went on this rant. Obviously he didn’t name names but it was directed at me. Having been this kids coach for a couple years I didn’t see, at the time, an issue with calling out his actions or lack thereof. We had this younger player come out and help the team. In the 3 games he played for us he scored three goals. Our team suffered in that department and he helped. The right thing to do when a teammate scores is to go over and congratulate him. Everyone did but this player. Repeatedly. Parents took notice. I called him out. It’s a team sport, right? And maybe there was envy on his part because he wasn’t scoring for the team and here comes this younger player and he scores 3x in 3 games; who knows.
In retrospect maybe my approach was wrong but there is a principle here. When is a person old enough to understand right from wrong? To be accountable ? Is 14 not old enough?
Anyway – I took the rant in stride and did not get caught up in it. I could have easily responded. Chose not to. This guy craves attention. The fact is that this man, this parent, is the biggest hypocrite. He’s also what I refer to as a FBFF (faux best friend forever). This man criticized and shat on players time in and time out. Not only did he have terrible things to say directly to me about other kids but constantly over the years on the sideline was overheard criticizing players. You see, he’s from the school of thought that if the kid doesn’t know about or hear the criticism it’s Ok. Uh, sure. Whatever you say there buddy. This is a person who should be the last to be preaching to others. He’s someone that is in dire need of a good mirror.

Me thinks this post is a rant!! Lol. That. Is. All.

Woman Goes on Hilarious Rant About the Youth of Today [Video]

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Hilarious video.. and so true.. god almighty!!! Jesus help today’s youth!

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