Embracing #Blackdroid

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This here is apparently, supposedly,possibly,maybe the next BlackBerry phone code named ‘Mercury’. It will be an Android or as its been dubbed; Blackdroid. I started to save up so I can purchase it. Is it because I have decided to embrace android? No. Not at all. Apparently it will be the last BlackBerry in-house built phone. That’s why I want it. I mean look at it. How gorgeous is it? It also looks very similar to my Passport SE. A slimmer version. I can tell you that I cringe at the thought of having to go android at some point. As you may know I detest #Apple and will never get an iPhone. This past weekend I found myself having to handle an iphone more than I wanted to and it was annoying and frustrating !! I understand it was only one weekend but the user experience is lousy!!! It’s horrible. Anyone complaining that BB10 is not intuitive is a bloody liar and obviously iphone brain washed. Most of my friends and colleagues are android users… so I see plenty of android. Here’s the thing… I don’t like the OS look at all. I just don’t find the look appealing. That’s important to me. BlackBerry 10s OS look is simply beautiful… a small sample of three of my most used apps…

Beautiful ! It saddens me to think that this OS will eventually go away.

Apparently mercury will be out in February… I don’t think I will purchase it right away.. will wait until April or May… we shall see.

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