A Ticking Time Bomb:A Lesson In Proscastination

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We have someone who mows our lawn and at the end of the summer season or actually more like some time in fall he came for the last cut. For whatever reason he decided to dump the grass into my garbage bin which may or may not have had some garbage in it. That day I was none too pleased. The bin was actually hard to move. I figured I had to deal with it but not that day. I couldn’t deal. That day became a week, which then became a month, which then became months and all of a sudden it’s winter and at this point I could not do anything about it. So now I found myself with this frozen popsicle which was even harder to move. The other day in an attempt to move it, it fell and the plastic garbage bin actually broke into several pieces leaving this monstrosity !!!

I had to use all the power I could muster up to move it off my driveway and to the side of my home where it now sits, waiting to unleash it’s ugly head. If I don’t figure out something soon this will become a time bomb of the stinky kind!!!

This is why you should never procrastinate on things!!!

I told my kids if the neighbor asks what that is to tell them that it’s an art project for school 🙂 !!!

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