Fifty Shades Of Transparent

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One of the most over used and annoying word is ‘transparent’. It’s a word that is used in all walks of life but I got to hear this word over and over again during my many years in youth soccer from coaches all the way to the higher ups in the club. You know, the ones you look to for guidance. The ones that preach but don’t follow their own preaching much like tele-evangelists. And apparently I can’t escape it. Got the privilege of hearing a current coach use that word a couple weeks ago at a tournament I was at. I, of course, smiled and agreed with him but inside I was rolling my eyes.

I am always transparent when is comes to…’, ‘you have to be transparent,’try to be transparent ‘,’the most important thing is to be transparent‘ and on and on and on.

For the longest time I just thought that these people who use this word have zero clue what it even means. There are some youth coaches still today including the big cahuna at our club that should be the last people on this earth to use this word. Ever.

I was wrong to think that they have no clue what the word means. You know how image apps allow you to change the percentage of transparency on a photo? Well… this technique is used in real life as well. Whereas you should always be 100% transparent on any matter, instead all you need to do is tweak the percentage to address your immediate need. That’s all there’s to it. It’s almost too simple. In theory, this way, you are always in the right. And that’s how you get away with murder.

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