Sunday Morning coffee with a little musing: @timhortons must be spinning in his grave

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Nevermind turning in his grave… he must be spinning full throttle.
A few years back my daughter and I were staples at Tim Hortons every weekend. We’d go there both days and sometimes multiple times a day. No matter what I chose to eat I always had to have my coffee. It was great coffee. When they introduced dark roast I hopped on that train because it was beyond good. Then the unimaginable happened. In 2014 Burger King agreed to purchase Tim Hortons. Or as I refer to it, the beginning of the downward spiral into the depths of hell for the once iconic Tim Hortons. The quality and service just isn’t the same anymore. Their coffee both regular and dark roast is sub par.. I’ve never tasted dirty water but I think the coffee I have at Timmie’s is dirty water. When they introduced the hot lattes it was a godsend because even though more expensive I had a good option replacement for the terrible coffee options. It too now is not an option any more. It no longer tastes as good as when it was first introduced. Needless to say I rarely go to Timmie’s nowadays.
Anyway, it’s not all bad. Their app is decent and convenient for the times I do want some Timmie’s. Place an order while at home or in the car, pay via the app, pick up. Convenient. I also like their breakfast biscuit.
I guess it would be fitting to mention that my usual Sunday morning coffee is nespresso. The irony though is that I wrote this post from a Timmie’s this morning. Early morning trip to nonna’s and so a quick stop at Timmie’s to have some breakfast.

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