Mamba #8 (or #24)

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I’ll start off by writing that I have never ever been into basketball. I recall in high school playing it in gym class but ask me today what the rules are and maybe I know one.
Kobe Bryant for me is like any other celebrity… I know of him from the sport he played and TV. I don’t know him. There is a difference.
A few weeks back 9 people lost their lives needlessly. Clearer heads should have prevailed but failed to do so. Of course given his celebrity the majority of the attention was on Kobe and his daughter Gigi. It was mostly praise and accolades but there were those that felt the need to bring up the fact he was a rapist. So here’s the thing.. I only know what I’ve read so I am not an authority on this. Back in 2003 he had what he thought was consensual sex with someone. It turned out not to be the case. They settled out of court. This happened years ago .. Which let me make clear doesn’t change anything. I am not making excuses for the man. You need to own up to the things you’ve done. You need to be accountable. What I don’t understand is the motivation of those who felt the need to bring this up now that he died. I am someone who lives for news (I know, sad) and I am constantly reading news. I can’t remember in recent years ever reading about these allegations. That is, why weren’t these same people making noise while he was alive? Why couldn’t they keep reminding him that he was a rapist? Why didn’t they hound him while he was alive? Wouldn’t the impact have been greater? Maybe it was happening and it wasn’t making the news but I doubt it. Nowadays everything seems to make the news. He’s dead now. What impact are you making by bringing this up now? What impact does it have on him? What good does it do to his grieving family and daughters? It’s just about attention seeking. Is what it is.

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