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Dear @SnapChat, stop being a bully!!!

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A month or so ago i decided to find out what this @SnapChat is all about. I was curious. I initially installed the android port on my beloved @Blackberry but it was acting up a little so decided to try a native @Blackberry app; #Snap10…Given that i don’t know anyone using this app i simply decided to follow “brands”. After using the app for a while i realized that unlike the SNL “church lady” i didn’t find myself saying “well, isn’t that special!!!”. I guess i don’t see the fascination. Anyway – over a week ago i got an email from “Team Snapchat”.. they locked my account and told me to unlock it i had to go to their site (URL kindly provided) BUT that i had to stop using the 3rd party app i was using. Sooo.. i went to unlock my account and promptly deleted the 3rd party app #Snap10. I haven’t snapchatted since…In the end @SnapChat isn’t “that special”.. i thought that was the end of it…well, yesterday i received yet another email from @SnapChat…

“We’ve noticed that you have continued using third-party apps, so we have locked your account. You can unlock your account by changing your password. But if we find that you go back to using third-party apps after unlocking your account, we will permanently lock your account. We regret taking that action, but it’s a matter of safety: Using third-party applications can compromise your account.

Please note that your account will be permanently locked if you use third-party apps, even if you switch devices.”

Say what? How you figure i am still using a 3rd party app? I am not. Makes me wonder though how @SnapChat determines¬†this and why they think i am still using @SnapChat. I mean seriously.. they don’t want me using 3rd party apps for my safety… alrighty then. You don’t know me… Maybe i am a risk taker!!! Anyway – rather then be bullys about things and send out these types of emails where they “lock” your account and bully you out of using the app of your choice… @SnapChat should channel their efforts into making their official app available¬†for all platforms. And that sir, is my opinion.