Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: What’s in a lyric.

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Decided to take some time off writing during the holiday break. Been off work for two weeks and just chilled and ate and ate and ate. I start work tomorrow so I’ll be getting back to my old routine. Oh and even though I haven’t posted I do continue to have my coffee 😁.
The holiday season is basically over and it really hasn’t been a hot topic of conversation since the early part of the xmas period but I want to throw in my 2 cents on the ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ lyric controversy.
My post will be short and sweet. Depending on your thoughts on it, it might not be sweet for you. Per the so called experts, when you read the ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ lyrics through today’s lenses they are deemed inappropriate. That’s right. Different time. Different lenses. I am not going to write that I did significant research but I wonder if these folks that have issues with these lyrics take the time to listen to today’s musical artists, regardless of their genre to see how many songs contain inappropriate, sexist and mysogenistic lyrics. Like selective memory maybe these folks use selective lenses? Anyway, I could have taken the time to list a few here but no need to. Google it. Works like a charm 😁👍.

The Cold Sore from Hell

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I really really cannot stand cold sores!!! I mean who really does.. and I am not sure if it’s a cold sore or a stress sore..I was sick for a while but this sore only showed up the day after I had a stressful day. Coincidence? I don’t know. Anyway back to this disgusting sore that has taken a life form of its own. If u don’t attack the initial blemish quickly enough it ends up morphing into an alien quickly enough. It is such a friggin distraction. This past weekend we had a friendly and I called over one of the players. I wanted her to play a joke on the referee at the coin toss and while we were talking she did not take her eyes off my sore. Not once. Talk about giving me a complex over the one I already had. That night I decided to take matters into my own hands and tried to speed things up. I desperately wanted to make it disappear.. and well.. things went downhill pretty quickly from there. I made things worse and today I look like I got into some scrap! My co-worker even asked what the hell happened.. I told him ‘you should see the other guy!’. 🙂

I toyed with the idea of adding a picture of my sore.. I don’t think so. Now I patiently wait as nature takes its course with the help of Vaseline.

This weather is linsanity! lol

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In the past few days we’ve gone from winter like weather to balmy spring weather which produced tons of wind/rain yesterday… To THIS, this morning! Back to cold, scraping ice off your car weather! Crazy month of march so far!

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