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#SuicideSquad: A bit of a Dud!!

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* some mild spoilers*

You know what really grinds my gears??? When you are so looking forward to a movie and it turns out to be a total dud… the anticipation for #SuicideSquad was killing me… the trailers were so enticing… I could not wait to watch this movie even though I am not a Will Smith fan I was ready to put that aside. At one point there were rumors about why the re-shoots were necessary. I figured they are just rumors but after watching the movie yesterday I am thinking the rumors were spot on. The critics were spot on. This movie was all over the place. The storyline felt very broken… some of it implausible… the villain and minions.. wow… thinking low budget movie quality. I mean what the hell were those minions anyway? What was up with that odd dance the Enchantress was doing while casting her spell?? She’s also very powerful but decides to take on the suicide squad in a physical battle. Alrighty then. Rick Flag happens to have all the letters Deadshots daughter was writing on his person throughout the huge battle??? Say what? And not even one was bent or folded or damaged in any way. Impressive. The only silver lining in this movie was Harley Quinn. Even at that there was one thing that caught my attention. I am not a high heel shoe guru but how in hell am I supposed to buy the fact that with all the adversary she had throughout the movie, all the fights and not one heel breaks? How’s that even possible! Also, i’m not sure done purposely but did she lose her accent time to time? Lastly, the Joker. Disappointing. The TV spots had me intrigued but all in all Jared Leto’s version of the Joker was less than impressive.

I get that with super hero movies it’s best to check ‘reality ‘ at the door but this movie just made it difficult.