My @BBMobile #KEYone, 10 Months and One Day Later

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Not sure how I forgot this but worth mentioning.. Although it’s more an android/app annoyance than a KEYone. What’s with apps like YouTube and Facebook refreshing and taking you back to the top of the feed when you return to the App after it was minimized?

Side note: I swore that early yesterday @BBMobile liked my tweet for this post then the ‘like’ was gone later in the day. Hopefully I didn’t piss anyone off. Interestingly enough my battery is getting battered this morning. Some sort of revenge? Lol. I kid.

I should also mention that I am a die hard fan and look forward to the KEYtwo.


Ok so this post was supposed to happen yesterday and then life got in the way. So why not wait 2 more months and do a ‘year later’ review? Well, I don’t think anything will change in the next two months. Atleast I don’t think so. If things change then I will post another update.

No huge revelations will come out of this post. Just my experience.

I guess the best way to approach this is a pros and cons list.


The phone is gorgeous. Beautiful looking and great quality. BBmobile needs to continue to make quality BlackBerry phones. None of that DTEK series nonsense.

The physical keyboard is pure awesomeness. I cannot do without a pkb. I just simply love the feel of the keys. I am a complete superstar writing on the KEYone.

The added features that come along with this great pkb like flicking words onto screen. Swiping back to erase words. Using the pkb as a mouse. Last but not least the fact you can create shortcuts both long and short for each key. I have so many shortcuts set up. So, so convenient.

The split screen feature. Most of the time I use it because I am watching a YouTube video but want to be able to scroll through my twitter feed. BB10 was far superior at this but heck atleast we got something.

The App ecosystem. I put this out here because almost every single BB elite out there that is pushing old time BB users of OS7 and BB10 use this as the main argument to jump on the blackdroid bandwagon. Personally I am not huge on apps. I have the few I use regularly but that’s about it. Instagram, twitter and FB are the main three with a small handful of others. What I will say is that, yes, it is exciting, I guess, to always have these apps getting updated on a regular basis.

Battery life. Amazing that I don’t have to bring my charger with me. Ever.

Cons (or annoyances)

Apps freezing up and getting the dreaded ‘App has stopped working’ window. So annoying. I don’t recall ever experiencing this with BB10.

I feel like I need to throw this one in. The Facebook App on android is pure unadulterated garbage. 99% of the time it is sluggish as shit. Thank God I rarely use it. Unfortunately the few time I do use it, it’s pure hell.

There are times when u press on either the circle, triangle or square and it takes a few cracks before there is a response. The square seems to be the worse.

General lag in responsiveness. It doesn’t happen often but when the phone slows down, it slows down to a crawl and it is the WORST!! There have been times that it was so bad I wanted to launch the phone across a room and into a wall. I have not done it and will never because I can’t bring myself to damaging such a beautiful phone 😀. I recall one time wanting to show an iPhone user friend of mine a video and it took so long to fire up he commented that we would have already watched it on his iPhone. I had no comeback. I mean how can I possibly convince people to join the blackdroid world when shit like this happens.

Battery life. Yes, this is in my Cons list as well. Although I don’t need my charger, battery life is not like it used to be. Seems to have changed somewhat since the last OS update. When it comes to my phone usage during my work week nothing has changed. I rarely use my phone during my work day yet my battery drains at a faster rate than in the past. I start my day at 6am and finish work at 430pm. There was a time when my battery would be in the low to mid 80s. Now it’s low 50s and at time in the 40s. Sure I reboot and get maybe one good day but then it’s back to what seems to be the new norm of low to mid 50s. Mostly the android system is chewing up all the battery life. I get that over time batteries can’t keep their charge like they used to but it hasn’t even been a year yet. Something has to change here. Why do I have to be forced to reboot my phone frequently to hope to get better battery life?

That’s all folks. For the most part my experience with Android has been good but at this point I can still argue that it’s no BB10. At some point I imagine I will no longer be able to say that.

#SuicideSquad: A bit of a Dud!!

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* some mild spoilers*

You know what really grinds my gears??? When you are so looking forward to a movie and it turns out to be a total dud… the anticipation for #SuicideSquad was killing me… the trailers were so enticing… I could not wait to watch this movie even though I am not a Will Smith fan I was ready to put that aside. At one point there were rumors about why the re-shoots were necessary. I figured they are just rumors but after watching the movie yesterday I am thinking the rumors were spot on. The critics were spot on. This movie was all over the place. The storyline felt very broken… some of it implausible… the villain and minions.. wow… thinking low budget movie quality. I mean what the hell were those minions anyway? What was up with that odd dance the Enchantress was doing while casting her spell?? She’s also very powerful but decides to take on the suicide squad in a physical battle. Alrighty then. Rick Flag happens to have all the letters Deadshots daughter was writing on his person throughout the huge battle??? Say what? And not even one was bent or folded or damaged in any way. Impressive. The only silver lining in this movie was Harley Quinn. Even at that there was one thing that caught my attention. I am not a high heel shoe guru but how in hell am I supposed to buy the fact that with all the adversary she had throughout the movie, all the fights and not one heel breaks? How’s that even possible! Also, i’m not sure done purposely but did she lose her accent time to time? Lastly, the Joker. Disappointing. The TV spots had me intrigued but all in all Jared Leto’s version of the Joker was less than impressive.

I get that with super hero movies it’s best to check ‘reality ‘ at the door but this movie just made it difficult.


@Reuzel Hair Product: my ‘Joe Dirt’ review

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I have been blessed with having thin hair (sarcasm). As such I cannot present myself in public without hair product. That is my life. Lol. I am always on the look out for something new, something better. I was introduced to @reuzel by my son who first purchased it. He uses the blue one. On a whim I decided to try the green one. Actually not by choice. It was suggested to me by the hair dresser. After using it for a while I decided to give the blue one a try as well… only then did I decide to Google @reuzel to see if they had any others… they did. The pink one which my hairdresser didn’t carry. As I learned from trying but also reading up on the products, the one I really need for my hair type is the pink one. Because initially I wasn’t sure what the result would be I ordered the small container but I guess I was misunderstood and the bigger container was ordered… I felt bad so took it nonetheless. I have no regrets at all. This product is amazing.. and how do I put a product to test??? Gym. Sweat. A lot of sweat. If my hair style looks the same pre and post work out we have a winner!!! And in this case hands down that is the pink container… the green one which is more of a grease had the worse hold for my hair type. The blue which like the pink one is more of a pomade had the 2nd best hold. The pink one is stellar in its hold. Smell is important to me as well. The blue one is FANTASTIC! What a great smell.. Pink is second (sort of a bubble gum scent) and green third only because I don’t think it really has a smell.

There you have it. My ‘Joe Dirt’ review of @Reuzel. If you want a great pomade for styling your hair with great hold try this product. It’s amazing. Worth mentioning that u don’t have to use a lot to get the desired results. Obviously and especially when the hair is short.