@Reuzel Hair Product: my ‘Joe Dirt’ review

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I have been blessed with having thin hair (sarcasm). As such I cannot present myself in public without hair product. That is my life. Lol. I am always on the look out for something new, something better. I was introduced to @reuzel by my son who first purchased it. He uses the blue one. On a whim I decided to try the green one. Actually not by choice. It was suggested to me by the hair dresser. After using it for a while I decided to give the blue one a try as well… only then did I decide to Google @reuzel to see if they had any others… they did. The pink one which my hairdresser didn’t carry. As I learned from trying but also reading up on the products, the one I really need for my hair type is the pink one. Because initially I wasn’t sure what the result would be I ordered the small container but I guess I was misunderstood and the bigger container was ordered… I felt bad so took it nonetheless. I have no regrets at all. This product is amazing.. and how do I put a product to test??? Gym. Sweat. A lot of sweat. If my hair style looks the same pre and post work out we have a winner!!! And in this case hands down that is the pink container… the green one which is more of a grease had the worse hold for my hair type. The blue which like the pink one is more of a pomade had the 2nd best hold. The pink one is stellar in its hold. Smell is important to me as well. The blue one is FANTASTIC! What a great smell.. Pink is second (sort of a bubble gum scent) and green third only because I don’t think it really has a smell.

There you have it. My ‘Joe Dirt’ review of @Reuzel. If you want a great pomade for styling your hair with great hold try this product. It’s amazing. Worth mentioning that u don’t have to use a lot to get the desired results. Obviously and especially when the hair is short.

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