You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Sage and not the kind you eat.

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Well it sure didn’t take long for me to get irked about someone/something… Get a load of the following 2 screen grabs from a site that will remain nameless ūüėČ


full disclosure.. i did not read either posts nor do i know either author personally.. i do know of Simon Sage because at one time he was writing for I don’t necessarily think he was exclusive to @BlackBerry (and that’s ok) but he wrote a significant amount of articles. I have to assume¬†that at that time he was a fan of BB10 and enjoyed the user experience and then at some point things changed and he no longer contributed to @BlackBerry in any form. That’s OK too.. tastes change, people move on, etc etc…I think Simon¬†left around the same time as Kevin Michaluk who’s doing whatever it is he’s doing now. Anyway – what really irks the shit out of me is that “Bye Bye BlackBerry” jab…because it is one.Was that really necessary?¬†I mean compare it to the other article…what did the jab add to the article? Go ahead, write and help people understand how to switch over (for those who want to)¬†but use some professionalism. I really don’t get this “hate on BlackBerry” mentality. I really don’t.

SERENITY NOW, serenity now!!! I need me some #Festivus RIGHT NOW!!