Does your iPhone have ‘touch disease’? Apple finally admits problem

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Maybe it’s just me but i don’t think #Apple is admitting to anything.. seems they are ONCE AGAIN blaming the end user.. #antennagatealloveragain

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Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry – Yahoo Finance Canada

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it totally “killed” me when i heard the speaker use the word “courage”. lol.. truly laughable! The fact is Apple has always pushed their “way or the highway” mentality down everyone’s throat… and folks just keep on swallowing!!

…but… lately it appears to some degree that some folks are starting to choke on the apple. 😉

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Reviewing Bad Apps

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Jenna Marbles just put out this video Reviewing Bad Apps and proved my point from my post My Most Used Apps On My @BlackBerry 10: @Blaq, @Nemory about quality over quantity. That’s why at the end of the day a huge app eco system means ZERO!! there’s plenty of garbage!


Jenna is awesome, btw.



You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Sage and not the kind you eat.

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Well it sure didn’t take long for me to get irked about someone/something… Get a load of the following 2 screen grabs from a site that will remain nameless 😉


full disclosure.. i did not read either posts nor do i know either author personally.. i do know of Simon Sage because at one time he was writing for CrackBerry.com. I don’t necessarily think he was exclusive to @BlackBerry (and that’s ok) but he wrote a significant amount of articles. I have to assume that at that time he was a fan of BB10 and enjoyed the user experience and then at some point things changed and he no longer contributed to @BlackBerry in any form. That’s OK too.. tastes change, people move on, etc etc…I think Simon left around the same time as Kevin Michaluk who’s doing whatever it is he’s doing now. Anyway – what really irks the shit out of me is that “Bye Bye BlackBerry” jab…because it is one.Was that really necessary? I mean compare it to the other article…what did the jab add to the article? Go ahead, write and help people understand how to switch over (for those who want to) but use some professionalism. I really don’t get this “hate on BlackBerry” mentality. I really don’t.

SERENITY NOW, serenity now!!! I need me some #Festivus RIGHT NOW!!


BlackBerry Z10 Weight and Dimensions Revealed – BerryReview

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BlackBerry Z10 Weight and Dimensions Revealed – BerryReview.

The train is picking up steam .. January 30th can’t come fast enough for me!!!