Why the @BBMobile #KEYone delay has me feeling like Jack Tripper!

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Before the #KEYone showed it’s beautiful face i could care less about Android or Blackdroid for that matter. I had no plans to leave my trusted #Passport SE… Then we got teased with the KEYone.. Then we got more at MWC.. Then we were promised that we could get our hands on the #KEYone starting in April.. then the bomb dropped that it was delayed. Then silence…it bothers me that i am bothered by the delay but the fact is i actually got excited. The KEYone got me willing to go to the dark side!!! I am a volunteer at a youth soccer club and started to plan out what i’d be using the KEYone for.. well, our season has started and at this rate who knows when i will get this phone. Hopefully, before the season is done. In any case, this delay has got me feeling all kinds of this:



Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry – Yahoo Finance Canada

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it totally “killed” me when i heard the speaker use the word “courage”. lol.. truly laughable! The fact is Apple has always pushed their “way or the highway” mentality down everyone’s throat… and folks just keep on swallowing!!

…but… lately it appears to some degree that some folks are starting to choke on the apple. 😉

via Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry – Yahoo Finance Canada