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I was supposed to write about this last week but then got distracted with other things. I had this clear path I was going to take with this post but then I listened to the usual weekly BlackBerry related podcast and got enlightened. They touched on the subject of BB10 licensing and the potential and now I don’t know that my path is clear anymore.
Anyway, here goes nothing. I was excited for a split second over the thought of BB10 being licensed. Then after that full split second I started to think about who the target audience would be? It can’t possibly be the consumer. Sadly BB10 didn’t catch on like it should have so how would licensing it out be any different ? However, through different articles and this podcast I came to understand that I have to look past the handset and that BB10 may and can be reincarnated in other areas. One such area is IOT. Well let’s hope this path BlackBerry has taken is clearer than this post’s path!! I still feel that we are getting mixed signals though…

So? Support for BB10 will continue until some future date? Doesn’t that imply that at one point that support will end? Maybe this future date is sooner than we expect?

On a side note.. kind of… BlackBerry will also be licensing out their physical keyboard. I saw this photo in one of the channels I follow… it was captioned ‘makes sense?’

Maybe this is just some mock up or bad photoshop job but nonetheless this could be the future of the BlackBerry pkb on other devices. Basically, the gorgeous pkb that is BlackBerry on ugly handsets. Let’s hope not.