@THEVinceRusso Chyna: ‘she wanted to be loved.’

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Last night I listened to this podcast and it just broke my heart. In the end Joan was just looking to be loved. I commented to a colleague about how much tragedy has come out of the WWE and in listening to this u come to understand and realize why. The McMahon’s. I am not surprised at all that Tripe H is involved as well. That Chyna’s downward spiral involved him. I don’t know the guy but he comes across as a real asshole. A lifetime ago I got to see Chyna at my local gym. Triple H was there too and she was pretty much glued to him… I wanted to so badly approach her for a picture but didn’t because of him. He came across as so unapproachable that I figured he’d just embarrass me…What a presence she had though. I was completely infatuated with her. And to watch her evolve in WWE was awesome ! Yes, she was a pioneer, a ground breaker of barriers. To listen to Vince Russo talk about the McMahon’s as being users and abusers is not surprising.. through gym life I got to see and meet some wrestlers when they came to Montreal… some were unapproachable, some weren’t… Razor Ramon, Warlord were guys I was able to have conversations with… and there was never anything good to say about Vince McMahon. A Tyrant.

Russo mentioned the many times Joan was out of it and as I mentioned in my earlier post… a few weeks back on twitter I felt that too.. she was putting out tweets that were incoherent.. I think to the point where fans were concerned so she tweeted a reassuring tweet that she was ‘ok’..she clearly wasn’t.

It’s very sad that Chyna left us and was not able to get that closure she certainly deserved.

RIP: Chyna, WWE wrestler and entertainer, dead at 46 –

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via Chyna, WWE wrestler and entertainer, dead at 46 –

I woke up to this sad news this morning. Growing up i was a HUGE wrestling fan…i don’t watch it any more only because as a brand it started to deteriorate a long time ago to the point where i found it boring to watch. The best wrestling era was when ¬†Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and¬†Ultimate Warrior were at their peak. I watched every PPV, every Saturday Night Main event..You wanted to watch.. You knew who the faces were and who the heals were.. those were simpler times..

I was so intrigued by Chyna when she hit the wrestling scene…even before her plastic surgery…i have this thing for muscular/fitness’s amazing. It was cool to see someone of her stature be and compete in the ring with men…awesome times…I recall seeing her live and in person at our Monster Gym, many, many years ago.. at the time she was with Triple H… and i so badly wanted to approach her but being she was hanging around Triple H and a few other wrestlers i opted not to approach her. I don’t know the guy, but Triple H just comes across as being an asshole.. so i didn’t want to risk being embarrassed by him. I followed Chyna on twitter.. Recently she was putting out tweets that i found to be somewhat incoherent.I even recall one recent tweet where she reassured her fans that she was “ok”…the last tweet i saw/read was her playing the cello… she had a bruised eye which i guess i missed a tweet that explained that but she seemed serene, focused but yet sad…I am sad that she is gone, yet not surprised…and that’s sad.

Alot of tragedy has come out of WWE..