The Pyjama Crisis

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I want to start off by writing that I am always grateful for all the gifts I receive. No matter what. I am that guy that believes that it’s the thought that counts.. Having written that I thought it would be funny to write about the fact that for many years now.. many years (I have actually lost count) I receive pyjama bottoms from my mother-in-law. Every. Single. Christmas. In the early years of this happening I always thought and expected that I would get the top, say, at my birthday. That never happened ;). Of course over the years it’s become an inside joke. I have never asked my mother-in-law what the deal is.. I also wonder where, like where does one buy just half a pyjama? I guess Walmart??? Truth be told i’ve also wondered why just half a pyjama. Am I not worth the whole pyjama? Lol. Anyway maybe one christmas she will surprise me and get me only the top or shock me altogether and get me a whole pyjama. Or imagine a onesie!! Lol.

Ps: that’s not me in the photo.

Mother-in-Law’s 65th

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Some photos of my mother in laws 65th birthday celebration!