Ankle Chronicle: A week and two days later…

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After a full week there are signs that I am getting my ankles back but the puffiness is still there. I had a soccer coaching clinic last night and it was so frustrating I could not participate in the practical portion of the session. Uugghhhhh! Hate it!

Ankle Chronicle contd…

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Well, well, well… What do we have here? The bruising has actually begun! It will be interesting to see how bad and widespread this will be. Stay tuned!

Ankle Chronicle…

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Geez…. I have really done one lousy job of chronicling the recovery of my ankle sprain… So three days later here is an update. As u can see from the picture my ankle is starting to re-emerge from oblivion!

Here’s how i started off my new year…

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I coach a team of fantastic soccer players and after a 3 week lay off we started practicing again…. And clearly the 3 week off was way too long for one of us! Lol.

btw this is my ankle AFTER one hour of icing!