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Sunday morning coffee with a little musing: What does ‘liking’ a tweet say about you?

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i had a few posts lined up to put out and the one below was lined up next but Gina decided to one up me. She was trending on twitter on Wednesday and by Thursday she was no longer Cara… she was Duned for her online controversies. And of course the numb nuts on YouTube were all over this story once it happened.. they literally follow the same playbook!! it’s pathetic. but i digress…Anyway she dug her own grave. It is so baffling to me how these far extremist people no matter what side they are on accuse the other side of the same exact thing they are doing. The. Exact. Same. Thing. How many times has she called the other side “brainwashed”? Never directly though. Only through meme after meme after meme. Are you paying attention at all at what you are doing and saying? any? She is literally personifying “brainwashed”. Mind blown!!! it was a hot topic on Wednesday night. I watched a video put out by Grace Randolph on the topic and wowwww, it’s like she read my blog ๐Ÿ˜!!! In so many words Grace said more or less what i wrote in my previous post on Gina.. A must read by the way! What she puts out on social media is just lowkey shady.. Every F*in thing is about try to figure out what i am trying to say or who i am trying to shade…or as Grace put it.. “she does it in such a sneaky and uncool way that she knows it’s bad”. Anyway, leave it to Gina to outdo herself by seemingly comparing what the Republicans are going through to the HOLOCAUST. WHATTTTTT???? Let that sink in. i know, i know, everyone under the sun just loves to over-use this expression.. So. Why not?
She’s put out a lot of memes on “hypocrisy”.. i am afraid though that she needs to look at herself in the mirror as well.

WRONGGGG!! Twitter didn’t get her fired. There needs to be accountability. Stop putting it on others.

She will of course find a place. You will see.. she’ll be all over, on podcasts, the youtubes ๐Ÿ˜‹.. but without a doubt only with those who are like minded. Will she even bother trying to give her side of things with the “other side”? you know, the dark side (see what i did there ๐Ÿ™‚)? The side the persecuted her? No.

….and i see on social media already that she has jumped on the Ben Shapiro train… oh, Ben. So I watched a bit of his video. Ben states that as a Jew he was not at all offended by what Gina posted. Let’s think about this though. What is Ben’s schtick? Anyone? I highly doubt he really cares for Gina. What he sees here is an opportunity to milk this for as long as he can possibly milk it. And of course, no doubt given the post that broke the camel’s back, Gina feels vindicated by being backed by Ben. On with the rebellion!!! Lol.. Once this fire tapers… no-one will even care.

Here he goes again with his CAPS LOCK… no doubt this will be EPIC

The problem with folks who like Gina are extreme one side or the other is that they like to put everyone else in that group as well.. and that’s WRONG!!!! A Republican, Ana Navarro, who seems to be a gem of a person said it best..and i am paraphrasing here.. the reps didn’t vote dems because we all of a sudden see eye to eye .. We did it because we knew it was the only way to get the toxicity out of power.

The above caption is interesting. I am not the smartest guy in the world. I think what Gina is trying to convey here is that just because she thinks differently doesn’t mean she is a conspiracy theorist. So that can also be said of the person on the other side who thinks differently from her. Yes? But she probably doesn’t see it that way because that person on the left is a pedo busy trafficking children through pizza joints.

The above is a good example of a stupid headline. She was not fired for being conservative. Although by far not the majority…There are plenty of conservatives that are employed in Hollywood. Happily and reaping the benefits.

Dude so was Charlie Sheen for a while. Where’s he now?

Make no mistake about it though. I am not oblivious to the fact that there is hypocrisy on all sides. That includes who gets and does not get cancelled. Pedro Pascal comes up in conversation quite a bit. James Gunn too.. The latter though was fired on the spot for tweets he put out some 10 years ago… Gina apparently was given opportunity after opportunity to tone it down a notch.

.. But is this accurate?

Here is an interesting and fair take on the whole Gina firing

Here’s another YouTubers take…I have watched his videos in the past and not always agreed with what he says but he makes valid points here:

An interesting read as well…

still worth reading my original post below as it was well written ๐Ÿ˜…


once again there is an effort in place to get Gina fired. For what u may ask? For liking certain types of tweets on the day the Capitol was stormed. How do I know this? I watched yet another #YT video on Gina. This dude clearly has a mad crush on her. I don’t blame him though. She is gorgeous. so here he was ranting about ‘be careful what you like’.. ‘Be careful what you like’… blah blah blah and then he goes on to try to justify what Gina ‘liked’ by making these types of comments..

‘I like chocolate milkshakes over strawberry milkshakes…’
‘I like green apples over red…’

‘You gonna unsub me now?’

Sort of paraphrased what he said. I didn’t feel like replaying the video.

He doesn’t mention at all what tweets Gina liked but another #youtuber who also defended Gina did some digging and found that the tweets she liked, she liked well before the violence started. Did she like any tweets on the capitol hill violence? He didn’t say. It doesn’t mean she didn’t but I don’t think it’s worth my time to find out.

So regardless. Is comparing ‘liking’ any tweet, even one that may imply agreement to what happened at the Capitol to liking one fruit over another? You are literally comparing apples and oranges. And btw have you ever heard of the expression actions speak louder than words?

Even though I am a Joe nobody I try my best to be careful what I ‘like’ on Twitter. One thing for sure though is that I will never promote/encourage/applaud acts of violence.

Jyn Erso – Star Wars Wiki Guide – IGN

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so excited for thisย but did the Katniss cross over into the “Star Wars” universe?


BlackBerry (Berryflow), Star Wars and Fantasy Football

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My two week Xmas break started this past weekend and although it started well yesterday not so much. It sucked mostly because of the #NFL. I participate in football pools (yes, plural) so my sundays are a different beast during the NFL season. I participate in one pool where you have to pick a winner against the spread. Over the last few weeks I was making great strides and was getting close to the top 3 which is where the money is and then yesterday happened. The other pool is a Fantasy Football team pool. I finished the season in 3rd (week 1-14 is the season) and yesterday was week one of the playoffs (Weeks 15-17). I lost mainly because my two running backs Lacy and Allen COMBINED for a whopping 1 point. However, that’s not even the sad part. I could have still won had I used Newton instead of Palmer. I used Palmer on the recommendation of @JameyEisenberg from CBS Sports who I emailed for some help. Alrighty then. I am now relegated to the consolation rounds where there is no money. Boo.
Thankfully I had tickets to Star Wars yesterday so I was able to get distracted for a couple hours. The movie did not disappoint. It actually stayed true to the originals and although there were a couple meh moments it was all in all a fantastic movie. You know a movie is great when it keeps you engaged and it doesn’t feel like a long movie. Chewbacca as always delivered his lines with such passion ! ;)… i’m glad to see that the storm troopers are no longer bad shots anymore like they used to be. I mean in the original Star Wars trilogy you could practically stand right in front of them and they’d still miss you!! Lol.
After a few hours of distraction I came home and decided to watch the Berryflow podcast which had as invited guest @MichaelClewley of BlackBerry. Keep in mind that as I write this I did not get to see it live so what I watched appears to be a shaved down/edited version… I think.. it was 30mins long. 30mins I will never get back. During this 30mins not once did they discuss BB10 which I thought they were going to discuss.. so that pissed me off.. The other thing that really pushed me over was having to hear both @Bla1ze and @Jmznvs tell @MichaelClewley they like the “cool direction BlackBerry took with advertising ” the #PRIV when they’ve been both mocking and questioning said advertising since the very beginning. What hypocrites. Seriously.
So in a nutshell that was my mostly lousy sunday.