BlackBerry (Berryflow), Star Wars and Fantasy Football

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My two week Xmas break started this past weekend and although it started well yesterday not so much. It sucked mostly because of the #NFL. I participate in football pools (yes, plural) so my sundays are a different beast during the NFL season. I participate in one pool where you have to pick a winner against the spread. Over the last few weeks I was making great strides and was getting close to the top 3 which is where the money is and then yesterday happened. The other pool is a Fantasy Football team pool. I finished the season in 3rd (week 1-14 is the season) and yesterday was week one of the playoffs (Weeks 15-17). I lost mainly because my two running backs Lacy and Allen COMBINED for a whopping 1 point. However, that’s not even the sad part. I could have still won had I used Newton instead of Palmer. I used Palmer on the recommendation of @JameyEisenberg from CBS Sports who I emailed for some help. Alrighty then. I am now relegated to the consolation rounds where there is no money. Boo.
Thankfully I had tickets to Star Wars yesterday so I was able to get distracted for a couple hours. The movie did not disappoint. It actually stayed true to the originals and although there were a couple meh moments it was all in all a fantastic movie. You know a movie is great when it keeps you engaged and it doesn’t feel like a long movie. Chewbacca as always delivered his lines with such passion ! ;)… i’m glad to see that the storm troopers are no longer bad shots anymore like they used to be. I mean in the original Star Wars trilogy you could practically stand right in front of them and they’d still miss you!! Lol.
After a few hours of distraction I came home and decided to watch the Berryflow podcast which had as invited guest @MichaelClewley of BlackBerry. Keep in mind that as I write this I did not get to see it live so what I watched appears to be a shaved down/edited version… I think.. it was 30mins long. 30mins I will never get back. During this 30mins not once did they discuss BB10 which I thought they were going to discuss.. so that pissed me off.. The other thing that really pushed me over was having to hear both @Bla1ze and @Jmznvs tell @MichaelClewley they like the “cool direction BlackBerry took with advertising ” the #PRIV when they’ve been both mocking and questioning said advertising since the very beginning. What hypocrites. Seriously.
So in a nutshell that was my mostly lousy sunday.