I am gobsmacked addicted to #hallmark Christmas movies

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…there I said it… or in this case wrote it. I cannot believe I am actually writing about this.
It started innocently enough last year when I watched a couple. But this holiday season? Boy oh boy.. I have lost count how many I have watched.
What’s funny is that for the most part the formula is the same. And my god there is so much cheese being served and of course you know how it will end but I cannot stop watching!
What I did notice though… again, for the most part, is that the man in the story has the tragedy or difficult past… and is the selfless one etc etc… again for the most part. And you know what i find completely shocking? How in the hell has the cancel culture club not come after these movies? A Christmas miracle. 😋

Our trip to New York/New Jersey

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As is the case every other year, we trek it down to NJ for our company’s xmas party. And as is always the case, we drive down because we bring our kids with us. It has always made for some good times and thankfully the weather was fantastic. Always great to get away even if only for a few days. In our case we made it a nice 4 day weekend. The weather was great… Downtown NY on friday night was fantastic… We shopped, shopped, shopped… Not really my doing but ‘eh, oh, what r u gonna do?’… We are at the mercy of the queen of shopping; my wife! Lol. Apparently there were too many bargains to pass on.. Apparently. Lol. Anyway while I waited and waited and waited in the various malls we hit, it allowed me to start on my autobiography I’ve always been wanting to write ;). Thank god for my blackberry. It’s gonna be a good one!