Yesterday was ‘pick a fight day’ on twitter

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On two separate occasions yesterday I found myself involved in interesting twitter interactions. Both soccer related. After the England/Sweden match I tweeted the following:

To which a guy with the twitter handle ‘Blessed‘ replied…

I followed that up with…

…and although u don’t see it his reply was ‘right back at you’ .. Using Joey for obvious reasons.

Here’s the thing my initial reply was going to be a lot different. Originally it was ‘wow. Brilliant comeback. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself coming up with that one. ‘ but I decided to take the high road (notice the hashtag). Look, even if England wins it and in all likelihood they will be in the final, it changes nothing about what I wrote. To this point it is accurate and the truth. Unfortunately…

At every tournament whether euro or world there is always a team that is destined. Maybe this year England is the team and they will bring it home. Their only real challenge will come in the final and you know what they say .. At any given match on any given day anything can happen. To this point they have not impressed. Yesterday my buddy disagreed that Sweden was not a strong opponent. He said that England did a great job shutting them down. I totally disagreed. Later he admitted that he has big money on England winning it all. Well, There. You. Go.

The second incident happened later in the day after I watched my daughters team beat the first place team in youth soccer (16s). The league has this MVP system in place where opposing coaches pick an MVP (2 for the winning team) from the opposing team at each game. The selections for our team chosen by the other coaches was in my opinion somewhat dubious. This same coaching staff last year after a match picked an MVP from my daughters team who was actually in a leg cast on the bench injured!!! πŸ˜‚. So excuse me if I have my doubts about their picks. Of course I tweeted this knowing very well one of the coaches would see it. We follow each other on twitter. We are certainly not drinking buddies as I am old enough to be his father but I think we have a mutual respect for each other. His response was that the MVP system is a joke and that no one really stood out on my daughters team. So they picked who they picked. Basically he said they picked the best of the worse, I guess. Some time later the other coach, who I don’t know, replied by writing ‘its better that I don’t respond to this…’ and then went on to give his two cents… isn’t that a response though? πŸ˜‚

Anyway his main argument, sarcastically, was that they then should have awarded the MVP to the player that blocked the most shots inside the 18 but that would have been hard since it was all 11 of them doing that. First off, I think blocking shots is part of the game, no? Any time you can help your goalie shouldn’t you? You see it in hockey all the time. Secondly, there is a player in the starting 11 whose job is literally to block shots and stop them from going in the net; the goalie. How can u possibly take a guy who doesn’t realize this seriously. πŸ˜‚ .. Then very late during the night their club assistant technical director also chimed in. He too regards the MVP system to be a joke. At the end of the day though who made this system a joke? Wouldn’t that be the coaches? So instead of taking the high road and being better than the ‘joke’ they aren’t. Instead they are just part of the pblm.

As you can see.. Not much fighting going on here… lol.. We all have opinions and that’s great and our right but I don’t waste too much time constantly engaging to the point where it will just inevitability degenerate into something stupid.

Oh and I won’t even get into it in this post but I love when the first line of defense from coaches is about their job being about ‘development’. So you can’t be bothered to make a fair and intelligent pick for MVP because Ur too busy ‘developing’ players. Lol. Jesus.

Bright And Early Today I Got Reminded (again)…

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that life isn’t fair… It’s one of those things that is never easy to deal with.. at one point though you have to make that decision to either let it break you or you move forward and continue the fight.Β The right thing to do of course is to move forward even if at that moment it feels like a lost battle.

a little play on words but … “what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger”.


My ‘Joe Dirt’ thoughts on Holly v Ronda

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Ok, so I really have no business critiquing #MMA… I don’t watch the sport because I find it violent and I can’t deal with violence. However, I can still have somewhat of an opinion. There’s no doubt that Ronda has paid her dues and is deserving of all her success in the sport. She’s one hell of an athlete.. but it’s clear that the bloated head was starting to rear it’s ugly head and probably ended up weighing her down during the fight on saturday. Ya, that must be it. Lol… Anyway, I think the best thing for Ronda and the sport is what happened on saturday. Holly won. So proud of Holly and I don’t even know her. Lol. So happy for the so called ‘underdog’.
As I mentioned earlier I am anti violence but i’m glad Ronda got her ass whooped. Holly was bad ass impressive. A good lesson in humility. So you’re a great athlete.. show some humility. Nope. Not Ronda. So what’s the cure for this? A good old fashion ass whooping.. I mean did u see how Holly tossed Ronda like a salad? It was unreal. Anyway this was a great way to get Ronda off her high horse and back to reality.
All hail the new champ, Holly!! Who btw is hawt and I’d have no issue at all if she assaulted me and wrapped her long luscious legs around my neck. None whatsoever.