@Marvel #Punisher: So Much Punishment…For Me.

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Omg, omg, omg and one more for good measure… O.M.G! Soooo much violence. I have watched all the previous #Netflix #Marvel series in either one sitting or over a couple days. Punisher took a couple weeks.

The amount of violence in this series is staggering. I am not one for violence and it was very difficult to watch through some of the scenes. It’s why you”ll never see me watch MMA. The last two episodes especially… wow.. I was doing the sign of the cross constantly.. And by the way… not a good idea having food during these ridiculously violent and gory scenes.

As for the series itself. It isn’t too bad. The storyline was decent. I sure despised the villains. We all know that we haven’t seen the last of Russo. After the first four episodes I was questioning the choice of Jon Bernthal for the role but as the series went on I realized that he’s perfect for the role. It’s incredible how much punishment he was able to take 😜. Pretty unrealistic if you ask me but hey… he’s the punisher. He can take as much as he gives, I guess. His sidekick ‘micro’ is a fantastic sidekick. Loved him. I am looking forward to Punisher 2 but I’m ok if they take their sweet time.. Like nice and easy. I need to recover.

My ‘Joe Dirt’ thoughts on Holly v Ronda

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Ok, so I really have no business critiquing #MMA… I don’t watch the sport because I find it violent and I can’t deal with violence. However, I can still have somewhat of an opinion. There’s no doubt that Ronda has paid her dues and is deserving of all her success in the sport. She’s one hell of an athlete.. but it’s clear that the bloated head was starting to rear it’s ugly head and probably ended up weighing her down during the fight on saturday. Ya, that must be it. Lol… Anyway, I think the best thing for Ronda and the sport is what happened on saturday. Holly won. So proud of Holly and I don’t even know her. Lol. So happy for the so called ‘underdog’.
As I mentioned earlier I am anti violence but i’m glad Ronda got her ass whooped. Holly was bad ass impressive. A good lesson in humility. So you’re a great athlete.. show some humility. Nope. Not Ronda. So what’s the cure for this? A good old fashion ass whooping.. I mean did u see how Holly tossed Ronda like a salad? It was unreal. Anyway this was a great way to get Ronda off her high horse and back to reality.
All hail the new champ, Holly!! Who btw is hawt and I’d have no issue at all if she assaulted me and wrapped her long luscious legs around my neck. None whatsoever.