@Marvel #Punisher: So Much Punishment…For Me.

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Omg, omg, omg and one more for good measure… O.M.G! Soooo much violence. I have watched all the previous #Netflix #Marvel series in either one sitting or over a couple days. Punisher took a couple weeks.

The amount of violence in this series is staggering. I am not one for violence and it was very difficult to watch through some of the scenes. It’s why you”ll never see me watch MMA. The last two episodes especially… wow.. I was doing the sign of the cross constantly.. And by the way… not a good idea having food during these ridiculously violent and gory scenes.

As for the series itself. It isn’t too bad. The storyline was decent. I sure despised the villains. We all know that we haven’t seen the last of Russo. After the first four episodes I was questioning the choice of Jon Bernthal for the role but as the series went on I realized that he’s perfect for the role. It’s incredible how much punishment he was able to take 😜. Pretty unrealistic if you ask me but hey… he’s the punisher. He can take as much as he gives, I guess. His sidekick ‘micro’ is a fantastic sidekick. Loved him. I am looking forward to Punisher 2 but I’m ok if they take their sweet time.. Like nice and easy. I need to recover.

@Marvel #InHumans: My Joe Dirt Review

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I feel like I shouldn’t spend too much time on this review. It would just be inhuman 😜. Obviously the reviews that came in prior to it airing were not good at all but that’s never stopped me before. I watched all eight episodes. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be but I did cringe alot during the eight episodes. I would be stunned if there is a second season. Stunned. The acting was for the most part horrible. I mean outside of Medusa I don’t know that anyone else stood out in a good way. And speaking of Medusa.. She’s all about the hair and even if the cgi was horrible, she loses her hair episode one and that’s that. Black Bolt for the most part had a frown for all eight episodes and there’s so much you can do with the sign language and he could have been repeating the same set of signs and I wouldn’t be the wiser. As for Maximus, so freaking annoying. And his beard was also so annoyingly distracting. Last and certainly last 😜… The story line was weak. No substance at all and predictable. It also ended with a wimper. The only bright spot was Louise. She was a fun character and atleast added some comedy to an otherwise drab series.

2/5 stars (because I have a good ♥).

@Marvel Iron Fist Packs A Punch! A Weak One

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I won’t spend too much time on this ‘review’. I sort of binge watched season one of Iron Fist and it was disappointing. I grew up on comic books. I knew of Iron Fist but did not read or follow his character like I did Hulk, for example. Anyway, my thoughts.
The story line was all too familiar. Maybe a mix of Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne. The story/dialogue in general was weak. I found myself rolling my eyes plenty of times throughout this first season. Of course I understand that fight scenes are choreographed but my god it was soooo blatant!!! So mechanical especially in the early episodes. The one fight sequence that had any semblance of ‘realism’ was when Danny fought that drunk guy… but S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y what the F was that! Was that supposed to be the comedy relief of season one? It didn’t work. Atleast not for me. It was actually so annoying! And speaking of annoying… I lost count how many times Danny exclaimed ‘I am the Iron Fist!’ ok, ok, we get it. You are the whiny Iron Fist. Give it a rest! As has been the case with each Marvel netflix series there is always a character that stands out and in Iron Fist it was Harold… aka Frank Stein (great alias).
Fact is I had to watch it through because it’s the lead up to ‘Defenders’ but it was a tough watch. Interestingly enough I rank the four series in the order they actually were released. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and finally Iron Fist. Hopefully, Defenders will be good!!

Hulk | Character News | News |

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the Hulk mother load… i am a huge HULK fan…. have always been.. grew up on the TV show and comics…


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2015 #Antman Review

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I was going to write my review of #Antman in really, really, really small font well… because it would make total sense and appropriate no? :)… I am sure someone else already thought this one up… Being a fan of all things comic books I, of course, make it a point of watching all things #Marvel and #DC… not necessarily going to be the guy at the cinema day one but definitely shortly thereafter… Last sunday I caught #Antman.. never really a fan growing up… but given that all these #Marvel movies are linked in the #MCU one cannot take a chance and miss out on story lines and surprises.
#Antman is definitely a different kind of #Marvel movie.. whereas all of the other movies thus far had an air of seriousness intermingled with some humor #Antman went the other way. Different for sure.
Paul Rudd has an incredible knack for delivering comedic lines.. he reminds me of Alec Baldwin (@AlecBaldwin) on #30rock.
Evangeline Lilly is the strong female character and delivers incredibly well… excellent
choice and it doesn’t hurt she is eye candy.
Michael Douglas.. well he’s Michael Douglas what else can u really say or write.

As a whole the story line was ok… when you have to build a back story then certainly something has to give.. and in this case.. the conflict between good and evil.. that only kicked in, in the last 30 mins of the movie and it was less than stellar.. it was really kinda meh.. #yellowjacket as a villain; boring.
In every movie you are always bound to find a scene stealer.. and although Paul Rudd is great.. the scene stealer in this movie was this man…

Michael Peña.. his character Luis is ridiculously funny… and without spoiling anything… especially when he was telling Paul Rudd’s character a story.. too funny.

The 2 post credit scenes…the first one was less than surprising because… the Internet.. the 2nd was very intriguing.

And there you have it my ‘Joe Dirt’ review of #Antman

3 blackberries out of 5