My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of The Interceptor on #Netflix

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Wow. I don’t know where to start.

It won’t be a long review.

2 weeks ago I attempted to watch it the first time and as soon as the lead actress opened her mouth.. I said ‘Hell no.’

Two weeks later and because it was somehow trending on #Netflix I thought maybe I was too harsh.. So attempt #2…

I lasted a good 30 minutes and then I just could not take any more. Horrible storyline, horrible acting… they are trying to check off all these boxes but in such a cringy way.. Ouch. Even Chris Hemsworth being in the movie didn’t help. I am sure his wife is a lovely woman but she is no actress.


My ‘Joe Dirt’ Review of #thedefenders: Meh.

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I am a comic book fan.. Grew up reading comics. However, I will not refer to myself as a geek. I didn’t follow every single hero and I don’t know every single storyline of every single hero. My all time favorite is Hulk. Back in the day I actually read/bought Hulk comics but I also followed The Defenders because Hulk was part of the group. Yes, I opted for the Defenders rather than the Avengers.

I just finished watching the Defenders on Netflix. Somewhat disappointed. This series seems to have continued the trend started with the individual hero series. The four series; Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist… I rank them in the order they were released. Daredevil as the best of the bunch followed by Jessica, Cage and then lastly Iron Fist. With Iron Fist I am trying to be respectful. It actually shouldn’t even by ranked! I will say that Defenders should be sandwiched between Cage and Iron Fist.

Although I liked the dynamic of the four and how they interacted, the storyline was somewhat weak. It was great to see that they weren’t all buddy buddy from the get go and that there was conflict between them. That’s about the only good thing that came out of this. I mean I was so upset at myself that I didn’t see the Elektra angle coming. You know. The obvious. Having said that, that whole Elektra storyline; dear God. From zombie, to self proclaimed leader to let’s make out after a punishing battle. I want to say too freaking clich├ęs but more stupid if anything. And can someone explain to me how stick severs his hand and then goes about everything like it was nothing. I am no doctor but shouldn’t he have bled to death? And lastly, for the love of Jesus… how many times was ‘the hand’ referenced in this series? Holy smokes almost as worse as the number of times Danny reminds everyone he is the immortal Iron Fist!! Had I played a drinking game for every time ‘the hand’ was referenced I would have been sloshed after the 2nd episode! Lol.

Anyway – Netflix shows the Defenders at 5 stars. Someone I think is sloshed. I can’t give it more than 3 stars. I am being generous.

@Marvel Iron Fist Packs A Punch! A Weak One

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I won’t spend too much time on this ‘review’. I sort of binge watched season one of Iron Fist and it was disappointing. I grew up on comic books. I knew of Iron Fist but did not read or follow his character like I did Hulk, for example. Anyway, my thoughts.
The story line was all too familiar. Maybe a mix of Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne. The story/dialogue in general was weak. I found myself rolling my eyes plenty of times throughout this first season. Of course I understand that fight scenes are choreographed but my god it was soooo blatant!!! So mechanical especially in the early episodes. The one fight sequence that had any semblance of ‘realism’ was when Danny fought that drunk guy… but S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y what the F was that! Was that supposed to be the comedy relief of season one? It didn’t work. Atleast not for me. It was actually so annoying! And speaking of annoying… I lost count how many times Danny exclaimed ‘I am the Iron Fist!’ ok, ok, we get it. You are the whiny Iron Fist. Give it a rest! As has been the case with each Marvel netflix series there is always a character that stands out and in Iron Fist it was Harold… aka Frank Stein (great alias).
Fact is I had to watch it through because it’s the lead up to ‘Defenders’ but it was a tough watch. Interestingly enough I rank the four series in the order they actually were released. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and finally Iron Fist. Hopefully, Defenders will be good!!

Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life

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I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I was hooked… I mean hook, line and sinkered on Gilmore Girls when it first aired. It was a great weekly escape to a fantastic town. I really wanted to be in Stars Hollow. I was very invested in this show. I don’t think there is a character in this show I didn’t like. I loved Michel and Sookie. Lorelai.. well fuggedaboutit.. gorgeous and charming. What a character. Luke, you bastard! So lucky. Lucky Luke, if you will. That’s all I gotta say.
Ok, actually I have some more to say (or write)… I was so stoked when they announced the mini revival on netflix. I watched the four episodes almost in a binge. I watched the first 3 then waited a week to watch the final episode. Don’t ask me why.. maybe subconsciously I just needed it to last longer. It was so great to see all the characters back… even if some had small roles. It brought back great memories of the past shows..but it also reminded me (again) that we are all getting older !! For the most part the four episodes were very good and kept my interest. For whatever reason that huge phone Rory was using was somewhat of a distraction. I don’t know why but it bothered me. Lol. I also didn’t understand the bit where Lorelai decided she needed to find herself and went off to do that whatever it was which in the end she did not end up doing. Michel and Sookie, as always, very entertaining. Luke’s sense of humor when he would give some bogus wifi password to his patrons was hilarious. And Kirk, what to say there.. he’s a walking comedy show. And Paris!!! Holy hell she was a RIOT!!!
… and btw the last four words… I saw it coming!!!! It hit me when Rory had that conversation with her dad.

I hope to see more of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I need more!