And So It Begins…

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The road to becoming empty nesters has begun.

This long labor day weekend has been super busy getting our daughter settled in, in Ottawa where she will be attending school. A lot of drives to and back from Ottawa. It started Friday and it came to a close, for lack of better words, last night.
This year has been heavy on me; anxiety wise. She took her first trip without us this summer. Traveled to Europe with a friend for six weeks. It was a long six weeks!! She’s following this up by leaving the nest for her studies. Of course we’re incredibly proud of her and this accomplishment but at the same time, selfishly, I wanted her to stay local….. And yes, I get it.. I need to accept and cut the cord.. I am hearing it from everyone!!!
I am already feeling the pinch today. With all the weekend hustle and bustle it really didn’t sink in…today it has. The house is quieter :(… I already miss her and her fire cracker of a personality…  one of the best things about my daughter.. And there are many… is her sense of humor…my god she is funny.
As her father all I can do is continue to love her unconditionally..  Support her in her adventures and in what her heart desires and miss her quietly.

Our canary and finch …

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Our household consists of three cats and 15 birds… 3 canaries and 12 finch… The birds live in one big cage, as u can see from the image below they pretty much live in harmony…Below u see a picture of one enclosed nest that is monopolized by finch.. No joke… there must be a good 10 eggs in there… quite frankly the male must be shooting blanks because nothing is happening…duds… Nothing but duds. The other open nest shows finch and canary eggs… It was so nice to see how for a good week both the finch and canary were sharing duties in sitting on the eggs… I thought ‘wow, what great team work!’ … That lasted for about a week… The nest is now empty… Why? U might ask.. Well, they actually sabotaged each others eggs… Pecking and breaking them!!! So much for birdly love!!
Our finch have actually been successful in the past breeding but recently have been in a bit of a dry spell… I would really love to see the canary do the same but not if the finch will attack the eggs as they did… Gonna have to figure something out… Trying to remove the canary from this huge nest will take some doing.

Finch nest with eggs

Finch nest with eggs

Finch and canary  eggs

Finch and canary eggs

bird cage

bird cage