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Entitled Entanglement

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I don’t watch award shows because time is precious and these shows are such a waste of time. At one point that night twitter was ablaze with ‘what the hell just happened at the Oscars? ‘…so of course I had to find out. Wow. Right? Anyway, everyone seems to have an opinion on that slap heard round the world. I might as well get in on it too!

Although poking fun at a person’s disability, at a person’s issues etc isn’t right I am team Chris all the way. The joke wasn’t all that bad but more importantly there is no place for violence. Is it possible that Chris Rock really didn’t know about Jada’s alopecia? It’s possible. I mean not every celebrity is in tune with the goings on of every other celebrity. I didn’t know and I am not a celebrity. And this woman and her red table spills so much TMI it’s ridiculous!
We can speculate all we want about what triggered Will’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moment. Only he really knows. Folks are speculating that he’s a broken man who just flipped. Some folk in the industry claim he’s a thug. Who knows. But…

There seems to be a lot of validity in all of the above. I buy into these opinions.

There’s no doubt Will worked hard to get where is he but I do think it’s a fair statement to say that, that whole family does carry itself with entitlement. I mean just think about what he did. Nevermind about whether he was asked to leave or not. The man got up, slapped another man on live TV and his walk back was so full of attitude it was disgusting. And to boot he sat right back down knowing very well nothing would happen to him because of who he is.
My heart sank for Chris. And considering all the stuff that is now coming out about his childhood bullying days really adds to how much I feel for Chris. The fact he continued on and kept his composure as best he could is commendable. We all have demons and time heals so in time this should go away. Having said that I don’t know that Will will ever be looked at the same way.. But then again time will tell.

And get a load of this.. Almost by divine intervention.. This YT video hits my feed.. On the day I decided to write this up. Alan recaps and analyzes that infamous red table talk about the entanglement. Cringe worthy watching a broken man listening to that rubbish.

Btw Alan Ritchson is amazing as Reacher.. And I have watched some of his other YT videos. I am not much for religion but this man is very well spoken and insightful. He looks to have an amazing outlook to life.

Golden Girls A Second Go At It

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After the passing of Betty White I decided to binge watch the Golden Girls. Stating the obvious here but when u binge watch a show u catch things you wouldn’t necessarily catch watching on a week by week basis.
First off, it is clear that I didn’t hop on this train originally from the beginning… and it also appears I got off the train from time to time as some episodes are new to me.. Or I am getting old and don’t remember. And just like Three’s Company, they recycled actors to play different roles over the seasons! Jesus am I dating myself or what? 😋
My god… so so many episodes would not survive in today’s culture. Wowza!
As I did for Friends here is my list of funniest character to least.. It was a little tougher with Friends…


Oh and I think I only ranked the Friends cast in my head so here goes…
Joey/Phoebe (this was too close)

Being Italian I really appreciate how well Estelle played Sophia’s role. So good. So funny. So accurate.

Considering they have all passed, some episodes really hit the feels..when Rose worried about being the last one in the group and alone. When Sophia lamented about growing old and experiencing memory loss. Ugh. This one bothers me too.. Growing old… and memory loss. My father passed away with dementia..I already worry I am heading in that direction. I hope I am wrong. The worse feeling in the world was when my dad wouldn’t recognize me. It would kill me not being able to recognize my wife, kids and hopefully grandkids.
Ok. Well that took a sharp left turn! Anyway, the finale was very sad. A shows ending always hits me hard. And once again it felt new to me so I really don’t know how good I was about watching the golden girls when it originally aired.

From #onwardmobility to nowardmobility

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To say I am disappointed is an understatement. It looks like it’s time to let go. I have been a fan of the brand for the longest time. It does not escape me that I have been hypocritical towards #iSheepers when I have been the same for the BlackBerry brand. I will ride out my #KEY2 until it’s last breath and then I will move on to the pixel I have just gathering dust right now.
I am not a fan of either Android or Apple. When BlackBerry decided to embrace the android OS there wasn’t much of a decision to make. It allowed me to continue to have and use the BlackBerry phone. Both companies have their faults and short comings. Both in many ways are hypocritical of things… but I refuse to go the way of Apple on principle. They push this narrative that they are all about inclusivity yet their ecosystem is completely closed. They refuse to open iMessage to android admitting that they fear losing people to android. They don’t want to embrace RCS. They talk privacy and maybe it’s a few levels ahead of Google but please. Folks who believe they are far better off with apple are just being naive. Anyway, I am done with my mini apple rant.. Back on track.

On the one hand I guess kudos on onwardmobility for giving it the old boyscout try and try to get a BlackBerry phone out there during difficult times. Big name companies have had it tough over the last few years so imagine a startup. On the other hand though..their PR/social media/communication skills was just plain horrible. Leaving the fanbase hanging for an entire year without a word of anything is not good business practice. Then in a span of a little over a month they went from ‘contrary to popular belief we’re not dead’… to dead. How does that happen? I joke about it but I think Peter ‘if that’s his real name’ Franklin was onwardmobility .. And probably working out of his parents basement. Looks like he went to the school of Anna Delvey. If you know, you know.
BlackBerry on the other hand with their history/reputation in the space could have handled things differently. And this is all on John Chen. For shame. There really isn’t anything else I could add to this.
I don’t regret the BlackBerry logo tattoo but now when someone asks if it is a cat paw… albeit a deformed cat paw, I guess I will just say ‘yes’. Lol

Ps: yes, I actually had someone ask if it is a cat paw.

Jan 4, 2022 – #BlackBerry – the end of an era

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Jan 4 will always be a special and important day for me as it is my son’s birthday. However, this jan 4th 2022 will forever be embedded in my mind for a different reason…the end of an era..a sad day for #BlackBerry. The OG and classic OS is being decommissioned and will no longer be supported. For us loyal blackberrians it is truly a sad day.
My first phone was a motorola razr but once I set my eyes on a BlackBerry that was it. No other phone could match it for many reasons but for me it was that physical keyboard. Wow.
I have a shrine to all the phones I have had over the years.. All with the physical keyboard.
I absolutely love BB10. It was incredibly frustrating to me that it was never given a chance. I recall when it first hit the streets how it was mocked for being gesture based.. And now years later both iOS and Android are gesture based. *cough*Hypocrites *cough*
It was ahead of its time.

The only silver lining…as I write this on my BlackBerry KEY2, is that BlackBerry lives on with android, all be it an inferior OS to BB10.

I hope that in the new year onwardmobility gets their act together and puts out the BlackBerry phone we were promised in 2021.

I am gobsmacked addicted to #hallmark Christmas movies

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…there I said it… or in this case wrote it. I cannot believe I am actually writing about this.
It started innocently enough last year when I watched a couple. But this holiday season? Boy oh boy.. I have lost count how many I have watched.
What’s funny is that for the most part the formula is the same. And my god there is so much cheese being served and of course you know how it will end but I cannot stop watching!
What I did notice though… again, for the most part, is that the man in the story has the tragedy or difficult past… and is the selfless one etc etc… again for the most part. And you know what i find completely shocking? How in the hell has the cancel culture club not come after these movies? A Christmas miracle. 😋

Dear -fill in the blank-, do better.

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Ok, so when I first drafted this post I called out the organization in question but then I felt guilty because of what they represent and do.. I also realized these practices are not exclusive to them… so here’s my rant to the anonymous entity….

Dear <fill in the blank>,
If you want people to jump on the money train you need to be better.

– when you call, leave a message. Not leaving one comes across as shady.. Especially when you call 5-6x per day. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize but eventually I had to answer because I was losing my shit
– I know there are pressures for reps to get contributions but allow for compromise.
– also allow someone to actually complete a sentence… you know that expression… ‘did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?’

Many moons ago my wife made monthly contributions to your organization.
My wife, and only she and God know the answer, used my personal information but her email I did not know about this until now because she stopped contributing a few years back.

– I was willing to conference my wife in on the call so we could get this sorted out. No.

– I was willing to have my wife call back to change up the personal information. No.

The answer to everything was ‘we’re not allowed to.’

Ok then.

Frankie doesn’t go to Hollywood just down a rabbit hole.

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A former local radio personality who found his own little rabbit hole uses #instagram very strategically..  His posts are about ‘respecting opinions’ or ‘not tearing each other apart’.. While his stories conveniently are about shading and mocking. He predicted a blue minority not even an hour into the election results 🤦‍♂️. Then he poo poo’d the $ spent. This election wasn’t necessary… lowest voter turnout ever. But those who chose to exercise their privileged right to vote, voted in the same minority govt. That’s democracy.

I am sure had blue pulled it off even as a minority govt his tune would be different. Would a minority conservative govt be any different? In any case, how interesting that leading up to the election O’toole (or his peeps) was very active on social media.. Tweeting up a storm.. Not a peep since the results. Licking his wounds, I guess. That’s the guy folks wanted in as leader. Knee jerk reaction voting is the worse. And u ever notice how folks on the right are always angry?

And you might be asking yourself ‘how would you know all this? Unless you are following him?’ You would be correct. I do follow him on Instagram. He’s my indulgence…I took immense pleasure that he was wrong and ended off his night by putting out a story poo pooing the result and that ‘he’s done’. I may not be for much longer though.. Just like that other one, Priscilla.. It’s getting tiring listening to their Debbie downer mentality. Anyway just stick to your drive by.

Speaking of Frank… It was great to see Frank ‘let me shit and criticise the liberal govt during the peak of the pandemic while in florida’ Cavallaro get throttled in his riding.

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